When companies listen to mob rule; we all lose.

This week, after ignoroance ruled the feeds the airlines caved, and made another ridiculous “feel-good” regulation. They won’t accept the results of LEGAL big-game hunting on their airlines anymore. So, this is unacceptable for flight:


But shipping underage puppies that are crammed into crowded crates and riddled with parasites and untold diseases are perfectly acceptable!


I wish someone would explain to me how this makes ANY sense! I can completely understand why regulations are in place for LIVE animals, but the carcass of an animal that was legally killed, and that is following the importation regulations is deemed unacceptable. Perhaps the airlines should consider following not only their regulations but THE LAWS that govern shipping animals before they cave to mob pressure and make regulations that affect LAW-abiding citizens.

I know you wonder how this affects “you.” Well, 1) the risk of disease transmission of a big-game carcass are minimal. Most diseases are non-zoonotic, so the risk to you or your pet (not many people own big game) are also minimal. 2) underage, parasite ridden and diseases dogs and cats not only bring in the parasites, are at risk of death from the stress of flight, but diseases that don’t exist yet in this country are arriving in alarming numbers! 3) Legal hunting is actually what pays for the majority of conservation efforts. Nothing in life is free, and the permits and licenses associated with humting create the revenue that fund the salaries of the game wardens that PROTECT the wildlife. Without legal hunting, there would be no revenue to fund the wardens that stop poaching. 4)Let’s say you collect German Beer steins. A story crosses the internet that claims that Hitler drank the blood of his victims from Beer Steins, and he created a law that a portion of the money for every stein sold was to fund an ethnic cleansing. Now, that COULD be false, but some morons follow their emotions and the mob forms calling for the abolishment of beer steins from Germany. Well, you know the story is false, but the mob is loud and keeps spouting an emotional campaign against your much-loved hobby, and then the airlines cave, and you can no longer bring home your steins, all so that the mob “may” save “someone” from an ethnic cleansing.


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