I can see the day in the not too far-off future.

lwdI love my dogs. I respect them. I enjoy them. The joy they brings others makes all of the hard work I undertake as a breeder worth it.

BUT. (isn’t there always a but?)

BUT, I have to be realistic. I fell in love with a rather obscure breed, an absolutely amazing breed, but a breed that isn’t exactly popular, so, there are only so many homes for the puppies that are produced, and what I have seen over the past 15 years in the breed is that most breeders don’t refer people to other breeders when a puppy-buyer comes a callin’.

The logic behind this action is that if they tell someone looking about another litter, they may not have a buyer when they decide to breed their next litter! I guess that makes “some” sense, but doesn’t getting ALL of the puppies produced placed in homes also help the entire breed? Of course it does. Well-bred puppies in pet homes help expose the breed to people who may never hear of it otherwise. It also helps breeders keep their numbers down by not being over-run with adolescent dogs.

For example, I currently have 3 puppies that are about to turn 4 months old. Through Facebook and correspondence with other breeders almost everyone in the breed knows I have a litter. I have put pictures of the puppies on-line and networked them the best I could, but I have received zero puppy buyers contact me. ZERO. 4 month old puppies and I have had ZERO inquiries. So, last week when their granddam came into season, the decision was made not to breed her. Now, before people get their panties in a bunch, the granddam is all of 6 years old and has had exactly ONE litter of puppies. She also, at 6, is patella clear (which is unheard of), hips rated GOOD (and hardly anybody does hips) BAER tested, Cardiac and Eye cleared by specialists. Her daughter from her first litter not only went Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the National, but finished as a puppy.

So, for every breeder that doesn’t refer, they have just narrowed the gene pool, because QUALITY and HEALTHY bitches that are an ASSET to an already small gene pool don’t get bred. People don’t find out about our breed because puppies don’t end up in great pet homes, where other people become exposed to the wonderful breed we love. So, while you are protecting your “sale” you are also helping to bring about the destruction of our breed. So, when you end up with no decent dogs to breed to, look in the mirror and thank yourself.



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