The haters say it is about the money…

US Currency is seen in this January 30, 2001 image. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

US Currency is seen in this January 30, 2001 image. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

But in my experience, the only people making any REAL money is everyone in the Pet Industry BUT the breeders, without the heartache!

This weekend, a very special little girl, Pippa, left my house to go live with a new family. Pippa is a pip, and is such a loving little girl that knows no stranger that when the decision was made that she would never be bred, I decided that I would make her available to be placed.

That decision was an easy one to make, theoretically, and after I turned down 3 families, I sort of half-heartedly mentioned her to one last person. This family was interested and we had several conversations, and they drove a couple of hours to my house to meet her. It was love at first sight for them. Theoretically, everything was perfect, but that theory doesn’t really speak the language of my heart. So, I had my partner take her to her new home on Saturday because I JUST COULDN’T. I was heartbroken. It was breaking my heart to say good-bye to this darling young girl and I had so many conflicting feelings it was tearing me up, but I knew she would be fine. She would go and never look back. It was me that would miss her, not the other way around, and sure enough, when I laid down to watch a movie Saturday night, and Pippa wasn’t here to hop up and nap curled up ON TOP of me, her absence was heavier than she ever was.

I didn’t place her for the money; in fact, the only money I took was a deposit that will be returned after her 2 year-old testing is done and recorded– no matter the results. I know that at least one result will be a “fail” because it was the reason she wasn’t going to be bred, but by posting all results, even the “fails” we can track familial lines and make educated decisions in our breeding programs. I request that all of my buyers do the testing, and offer them a refund of a portion of their purchase price (to cover the costs associated with the tests) so that we, as breeders, can track not just the dogs that are kept and shown and bred, but the litters as well.

Selling Pippa wasn’t about the money, and it wasn’t about me, but about her and the family she will bring years of joy to, even in my heart had to break to make that happen. Breeders aren’t selfish or greedy, we do it for the love of OUR dogs!


Pippa– already Queen of the bed in her new home. I miss you, sweet girl!


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