I don’t know whether to wind my ass or scratch my watch!

So, you mean to tell me that this okay:


But this isn’t:


I don’t think I will take lessons of logic or morality from you.


And sometimes, a dead lion is easier to deal with…

DadToday has been rough. I screwed up last night and took the wrong pill at bedtime, so I was up all night. All I wanted to do all day was sleep, but my mistake can’t be visited upon my animals, so I have struggled through today, and spent more time than usual on-line.

Who would have thought that I would actually miss all of the stories about a dead lion? I did. Today’s feeds were filled with issues surrounding Planned Parenthood. I thought that animal welfare drew out the hardliners, but they pale when compared to the supporters/ detractors of Planned Parenthood and there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground,

Everything I have written in the past week is still relevant. People don’t use logic to discuss such matters, but emotion. No problem will ever be solved when emotion drives the discussion. I miss the dead lion.

I won’t wade into the deep waters surrounding PP, but I do want to discuss why the discussion being had is wrong and will not lead anywhere: Nobody is actually listening. NOBODY. Not even your legislators, and that is the reason that the entirety of our government is broken.

Take a look back over the last 2 decades and tell me, are we REALLY better off? Our debt has exploded, we have been attacked on our own soil, we have open floodgates for people entering the country illegally, we have been wars that have been mild failures at best, we have begun negotiating with terrorists, we have open relations with a country without demanding they turn over a cop-killer, we have allowed Iran some hope of nuclear weaponry without turning over the Americans they are holding, the rich are getting richer while the working poor are getting poorer, hate pervades our society, and NOBODY IS LISTENING!

We spew forth OUR ideals, OUR beliefs, OUR wants, but we never stop to actually listening to what that OTHER person is saying about their ideals, their beliefs, their wants. So, we stay here treading water, as a country, drowning and hoping for a lifeline, but unwilling to make the effort to actually swim to shore.

We have REAL and severe issues in this country– huge problems, but everyone wants a “soundbite” fix, and folks, that is never going to work. We need people who that will actually WORK for US, and stop pandering to special interests and hardline primary voters. Of course, we have created this system. We don’t vote. We bitch and complain, but we don’t vote and the majority of us that actually vote, don’t vote in the primaries, so we end up with politicians that are pandering to the extremes of society, because they actually vote in the primaries, and the rest of us are left treading water because we were unwilling to actually make the change we want all because we couldn’t be bothered to go and vote. The major reason that people don’t vote is because they say that the politicians don’t listen, they don’t represent them, they lie, they cheat and they steal. Well, AMERICA, the easiest and best way to fix this is to VOTE for anyone that is NOT an incumbent. Our elected officials have learned over the decades that if they can get in office, it will be almost impossible to get them out, so they don’t have to listen to us. They can pander to the big-money guys knowing the rubes back home will keep them in office. So, stop listening to anything they say for the next 10 years, and just keep voting them out! You will see a dramatic shift in our leadership and their ability to actually listen and work together because then it will be in THEIR best interest if they hope to be re-elected.

Quit fighting, America, and start listening. Don’t waste your life. Don’t hate. LISTEN! Please know that you aren’t always right, but you aren’t always wrong. Share, but open yourself up to the grays.When you learn to see the gray, you will see the beauty that is all around us. You might even be able to recognize that sometimes a dead lion is really just a dead lion.